The Creature Feature



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 "The loose shadows had a beautiful creamy texture that took very little product to get the desired color pay off. I recommend this brand for any longwear, high pigment artists and anyone who needs a go-to glitter."
 "A little pigment goes a long way. Super blend-able and so so so easy to apply!"

"One of the most innovative ideas in makeup I've seen in all my years of experience. As a bonus, I 100% feel like the real-life Re-Animator when I break this product out of my kit."

- @geekandgore

 "Everything I've tried from Creature Cosmetics has been so excellent! I love the horror inspired glitters and how pigmented the palettes are!"

"The eyeshadow formula blends very well and the pigment does not fade through the day. The body butter keeps your skin soft and hydrated all day."

- @amandascorpse

"These eyeshadows are so smooth and buttery and blendable and pigmented, so worth it!!"

- @valixiya 


"I love all things spooky and makeup, so this cosmetics line is perfect for me! I love how pigmented the eyeshadow shades are, and how easily you can blend the shadows!"



"I absolutely love how soft these lashes are and they’re super easy to apply. They are the perfect length and the fact that they are cruelty free and vegan is a huge plus for me!"

- @coffincryptic


"Creature Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands!  If you're looking for quality products with a unique touch of flair look no further! From the gloss to the lashes I love everything this company has to offer!"

- @draculeahfx

"I was wearing the Black Cat lashes in this! I love how lightweight but full they are! Literally every time I wear them I get so many compliments because they're just so amazing!!"

“I love these lashes! The lash band is not thick at all so they feel very natural and comfortable. They are an amazing everyday lash and I could barely feel them there!”

“My absolute favorite pair of lashes is the Other Mother pair, I can’t help but reach them for almost every look I do. I love them so much, for someone who never used false lashes they were so easy to use and so gorgeous!”

- @zombiebeauty_48

“Seriously the best lip gloss I’ve used! The formula is not sticky, but not too sheer either! Not only does it leave your lips super moisturized, it smells, and tastes amazing!

- @bellaturchiano

“These glitters are to die for! They aren’t gritty like some other glitters I’ve tried! They capture beautifully on camera as well”

- @bellaturchiano

"I absolutely love everything about these Black Cat lashes!! They’re so dramatic but light and I could not get over myself while wearing them!"

- @abi.proper

The lashes will pull together any look, and the shadows are beautifully pigmented and very easy to work with. Each palette can be used to create any look from natural to glam, and the glitters are very beginner friendly!

- @cynical_babygirl

I love the pigments and honestly I use this palette in conjunction with my other ones all the time.

- @heavenly_macabre