Pile of Creature Cosmetics products

Top 5 Most Crucial Creature Cosmetics Products That You Need

A pile of Creature Cosmetics Products
Image by Brittany Sharp / @ghourhees

Looking to join the Creature Cult, but you don't know where to start? We've compiled this list of some of our must have Creature Cosmetics products to help you get started!

Nosferatu black lipstick on lips
Image from creaturecosmeticlabs.com

5. Nosferatu Liquid Matte Lipstick

Looking for the blackest black money can buy? Look no further than the Nosferatu Media Matte Liquid Matte Lipstick. This sleek, matte black lipstick formula is not only the blackest black out there, but the staying power is tried and tested. We have had customers tell us they could leave this lip (and all our other shades) on for AT LEAST 3 DAYS STRAIGHT

With praises like that, there's no questioning why we've put it on the list as an absolute MUST, especially for the goth baddies out there! Check it out below, or click right here!

Hand holding 3 eyeliner pens in various colors
Image from creaturecosmeticlabs.com

4. Sematary Sludge Liners

Liner, liner, eyes on fire! Our Sematary Sludge Eyeliners are a go to for every makeup artist out there. Longevity in wear, high pigmentation, and smooth application are just a few things that customers RAVE about when they use our liners! Plus, who doesn't love a good felt tip? C'mon felt tip! 

Available in Dead Is Better Dark Purple, Scary Movie Red, and Church Black, with many more shades coming in the near future! Did we mention, they're only NINE DOLLARS!? There's something for every cosmetic obsessed ghoul out there. Check them out below, or click right here!

A makeup palette that looks like the necronomicon from Evil Dead 2
Image from creaturecosmeticlabs.com

3. The Ex-Mortis Palette

I mean, come on. Look at it. There's no way we could leave this off the list. 

Bound in faux leather, inked in human blood, this is our personal favorite Creature Cosmetics palette to date. Featuring 20 shades, all pulled directly from the cult classic Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, and our most ambitious packaging to date, it's a no-brainer that this palette is a must have. All of the shades feature that buttery smooth formula that Creature Cosmetics is known for, and the longevity of wear that keeps everyone coming back! Plus, we just think it's pretty "Groovy."

Don't take our word for it. Go on down in the fruit cellar and grab yourself one! Check it out below, or click right here!

Creature Cosmetics
Image from creaturecosmeticlabs.com

2. The Oh! The Horror! Palette

The first major palette release of Creature Cosmetics' career, and still a palette that is almost impossible to keep on shelves. Inspired by the films that inspired us, this 15 shade eyeshadow palette brings color to the silver age. As a cosmetics enthusiast, it's always nice to find a true tone red, right? Well, look no further. The Dracula shade in this palette will absolutely blow your mind! The high pigmentation, and of course that staple Creature Cosmetics formula, will have you howling at the moon. It is also one of the largest, and most affordable palettes in the Creature Cosmetics arsenal! 

The Oh! The Horror Palette is definitely one of Creature Cosmetics' must have products. Try it out yourself! Check it out below or click right here!

A face sculpting makeup palette based on the Randy character from Scream
Image from creaturecosmeticlabs.com

1. The Randy's Rules Face Sculpting Palette

Any Creature Cosmetics stan knows that this was going to be on this list somewhere, am I right? Part of one of our first collections, Ripped From The 90's, this palette has held true as a fan favorite. It has even garnered attention from, Randy himself, Jamie Kennedy! He sells signed copies directly from his website and at conventions, and loves doing it! What started as a chance meeting at a convention quickly blossomed into a long term partnership with Creature Cosmetics. This palette is highly regarded as having some of the best highlight and blush shades our customers have ever worn, and it's no surprise either. The highlighters are absolutely BLINDING! Check it out below, or click right here!

Thanks for reading! We hope this helps guide you through your journey in finding what Creature Cosmetics products would be best for you. Stay Spooky!

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