About Us


Joey Organa

Joey Organa - Owner/Founder

Joey is a special effects makeup artist with over 5 years of experience in realism, gore, and glam. She started Creature Cosmetics as a way to promote herself as an artist while also providing quality cosmetic products to her supporters and fans of the spooky and macabre. Over the last year she has spent countless hours developing products and pushing her brand farther and farther, all with the customer in mind. The products that she creates and the foundation of her love for SFX makeup comes from a deep rooted love for the Classic Universal Monsters. The Bride Of Frankenstein was her image of female empowerment, and it was when she first saw Creature From The Black Lagoon that she said "I want to do that."
Tar-Tar Binks

Tyler Follett - Co-Owner/Manager/Web Development

Tyler is a web designer with an avid love for horror. Growing up, he was encapsulated by the Goosebumps television series, and that quickly moved on to seeing films like Nightmare On Elm Street, The Evil Dead, and Saw. In his free time, Tyler runs his own horror based clothing store called The Evil Threads Co. along with his girlfriend, Joey. As the former frontman of the band From The Divide, he has put music to the side in order to pursue his and Joey's dreams of running their own companies. 
And yes, I wrote this, and yes, I am going to plug the link to my shop. You can also find it in the sidebar menu. We pay good money for that menu. Use it.