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This is the bag you've been waiting for. The officially licensed Art The Clown convertible bag features removable sunglasses, a chain shoulder strap, and two extra backpack style straps! Show up to the Clown Cafe repping the one and only.

We’re doing our pre-orders a bit differently from here on out. From now on, all pre-orders will be available for a 30 Day window. In this timeframe, we will begin a low quantity production to get a head start on things, and give everyone ample time to place their orders. After the 30 day window is over, we will close pre-orders and begin waiting for final production to finish. Once production is complete, the bags will be sent to us (via our new provider), and we will begin prepping the orders to be sent out. This entire process is set to take roughly 6-12 weeks from the end of the pre-order window, but of course we always hope for less! We are changing the way we do pre-orders to ensure that our production does not get backed up with extra quantities, and to prioritize those that ordered within the original window first, before any new orders can be placed. Depending on the amount of orders received in the pre-order window, we may have leftovers, which will then be uploaded to the site, ready to order! 

there is a CERTAIN WAY to attach the sunglasses. any damages done after receiving due to user error cannot be replaced by us. please make sure you attach the glasses correctly, they should NOT feel tight on the bags face. 

Damages from shipping please file with route



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